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Company Profile

  Jingu Jiaozuo Brake Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, Pok Oi County Development Road (East) No. 1688, covers an area of ​​280,000 square meters, employs 700 people. Major production and marketing of lifting transportation, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding and port machinery industry, the main industrial brakes product line to wind yaw brake and high speed shaft brake-based energy products series, ABS anti-lock system and ASR Cars drive-slip system based automotive electronics and parts of three series of product lines, "Jingu card" brake products. It has become one of the strongest research and development, the most advanced technology and equipment, detection means the best, most complete variety series, production and sales of the largest, most extensive coverage of industrial brake industry professional production companies. Has formed an annual output of 50,000 sets of industrial brakes, 36,000 sets of wind power brakes, ABS 100,000 sets of production capacity.

  The company is China Heavy Machinery Industry Association executive director units, the drive member special committee chairman of the unit, industrial brake industry chairman of the unit, "Jingu card" trademark was identified as the domestic industrial brake industry's only "Famous Chinese Trademark", according to Chinese heavy Machinery industry Association statistics, in order to brake production calculation, 2011, the company accounted for the domestic industry output accounted for 21%, ranking first.

  Our products are widely used in material handling, power generation, port machinery, mining, metallurgy, coal, petrochemical, engineering machinery and automotive electronics and auto parts industries, such as three Xichang satellite launch base and the Three Gorges, Gezhouba, Xiaolangdi and other large Hydropower project and other key national projects, Shenzhou, Shenzhou VI, Shenzhou VII spacecraft launch tower, the Beijing Olympic Bird's nest stadium lifts and Shanghai Expo Building elevator brakes are exclusive to choose our products.

  The company is the industry's only post-doctoral workstations brakes, Henan Province outstanding postdoctoral research base unit has a provincial technical center and a nationally recognized testing center, with 51 national patents, the patent application 7, 29 proprietary technology. Companies involved in the development and drafting of industrial brake industry standard six, while the implementation of the "People's Republic of China energy industry standard" in the wind wind turbine December 1, 2012 promulgated - yaw hydraulic disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes two high-speed shaft the new standard is a new standard for our company in the energy sector drafted, the company products have 15 national awards, more than 30 products have provincial and municipal awards.

  Jingu Jiaozuo Brake Co., Ltd. is the industry's development of national industries banner, in market competition at home and abroad, it is along the road of new industrialization and sustainable development, in a "century Jingu world Jingu" the goal, to build a strong, international business class enterprises, and make unremitting efforts.