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Development Path

  ※ 1964 November the establishment of Jiaozuo City plant dies.

  ※ 1967 changed its name to brake plant in Jiaozuo City, part of City Administration of Machinery Industry, the Department of the local state-owned state-owned enterprises, is the former Ministry of Machinery Industry sentinel production enterprises brakes, successfully developed the first prototype brake YWZ series and full production.

  ※ 1996 Nian. 11 January by the Jiaozuo Municipal People's Government approved the establishment of Jiaozuo brake (Group) Co., Ltd., and obtain a new business license, officially changed to state-owned limited liability company.

  ※ 1996 March ATV with the French joint venture, was established disc brakes Jiaozuo Rui Seer Co., in 2007 to become Jiaozuo brake (Group) Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary.

  ※ 1998 Nian. 9 3, co-financed by 35 employees shareholders, the net assets of the former state-owned investment company Jiaozuo City as state capital investment, company name officially changed to Jiaozuo brake (Group) Co., Ltd.

  ※ 2001 Nian 1 15, the registered capital of 60 million yuan, Jiaozuo Brake Co., Ltd. was established.

  ※ 2005 Nian. 11 25, Jiaozuo City investment company, respectively Jiaozuo Stakes Machinery Manufacturing Co., Xiaojun signed the "Equity Transfer Agreement", which will be transferred in Jiaozuo brake (Group) Co., Ltd. invested part of the state-owned, state-owned shares to exit.

  ※ 2009 December incorporated Jiaozuo Borack Control Technology Co., Ltd., Jiaozuo Brake Co., Ltd. holding subsidiaries.

  ※ 2011, the business moved to the city of Jiaozuo, Henan Province fraternity fraternity County Industrial Park.

  ※ 2014 August Jiaozuo Jiaozuo Brake Co., Ltd. changed its name as brake Jingu Company Limited.