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Talent Concept

The company respected personal qualities, ability to work with the performance of the combination of talent development strategy. Give employees adequate space for development, as long as a certain theoretical training, as long as the job has a certain expertise, can be made in the performance of their posts, and the company is willing to contribute to the development of people, companies are trained people.

Talent concept: talent, use of personnel, development of human resources, and improve talent.

Talents: Talent is the capital, talent is the blood, talent is the most valuable asset, the door Jiaozuo Brake Co., Ltd. for all people with lofty ideals open.

The company is a competitive mechanism: dynamic talent management - capable, the levels were so, under commonplace.

The company's employment standards are: overall quality of the investigation - expertise, management potential, personal qualities.

Companies want to see is: who their fitness, their position appropriate people.