Selma disc brake co., LTD is located in the henan jiaozuo bo 'ai 1688 development road (east), covers an area of 280000 square meters, owns more than 700 employees. Main production and sales to lifting transportation, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding and port machinery industry industrial brake series of products, mainly wind yaw brake and high-speed shaft brake series, new energy products to ABS ABS and ASR system of automotive electronics and cars drive torque components series three series of brake "hoops" brand series products. Has become the domestic the strongest research and development capabilities, with advanced technology and equipment, detection means perfect, the most complete, the largest production volume and variety series industry coverage of one of the most popular industrial brake professional production enterprises. At present has formed annual output of 50000 sets of industrial brake, 36000 sets of wind power brake, ABS production capacity of 100000 sets.



Henan jiaozuo, 1688 bo 'ai development road middle