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Team building

Team building

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The company adheres to the principles of fair and healthy competition, and provides an excellent job development platform for every talent; we provide every employee with competitive salaries and benefits, complete personal development and training opportunities, and make it challenging Continuous progress in the work environment to achieve maximum value!

We value talents. Attach importance to creating an environment for talents to display their talents and give full play to their potential; more respect for talents who use what they have learned to create wealth for individuals, companies, countries, and society to realize their own value.

We cultivate talents. Encourage and urge every employee to spur themselves with high expectations, demand themselves with high standards, lead themselves with high goals, motivate themselves with high challenges, and strive and grow together with the company.

We make talents. Pay more attention to personal ability and teamwork spirit. We "pursue harmonious perfection". There is no "you" and "me" here, only "we" here. We hope to integrate all like-minded talents together and gather a huge force to contribute our common strength to the development of my country's brake industry.


1. Campus recruitment-technical school students, college students.

2. Social recruitment-middle and senior management talents, technical talents.

Application method and recruitment process

(1) Application method:

1. On-the-spot job hunting-applicants go to the company's human resources department to receive and fill in the "Registration Form of Basic Personal Information", and attach copies of their job application resumes, ID cards, graduation certificates, qualification certificates and other relevant certificates;

2. E-mail-Job seekers can log on to the company website-www.jzbrakes.com to inquire about recruitment information, download and fill in the "Job Application Form", and at the same time send their job application resume and application materials to the mailbox: jg6331@jzbrakes.com , The content must be true and detailed.

3, telephone consultation-job seekers can telephone the company's recruitment information.

Human Resources Department Tel: 15003911583

(2) Recruitment process:

Step by step procedure explanation

1 Screen your resume If there is no suitable position, the applicant's information is included in the company's talent pool

2 Notify applicants for an interview. The Human Resources Department issues an interview notice

3 The initial test/retest is organized and arranged by the human resources department and preliminary screening

4 Recruitment approval Submit to relevant company leaders for approval

5 Notification of induction internships The human resources department is responsible for notification of induction internships for those who have passed the examination and approval. And sign an internship agreement

6 Go through the entry formalities. The company that has passed the internship will go through the formal entry formalities. (For those who fail to pass the internship, the company has the right to terminate the internship).


1. Applicants' personal information will be included in the company's talent pool, and the company will keep all applicant information confidential.

2. The applicant shall be responsible for the authenticity of all the information submitted by the individual. If there is any inconsistency with the facts, the company has the right to cancel the employment qualification.

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Copyright©2015Jiaozuo Golden Brake Co., Ltd.

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